d.d Collective

Project Type : Fashion Retail

Completed : March 2020

The retail space for d.d Collective, a local contemporary womenswear brand was envisioned as a “Modern Monolith.” The clothing caters for strong, ambitious women who is unashamed of flaunting their softer, demure side. Taking cue from the brand’s muse, the façade gives the impression of walking into a grand temple, softened with mirror-finished copper lining that serves both as an entrance and window display. The internal layout of the space revolves around a linear “courtyard” with ornamented mirror pilotis. To accentuate the diverse prints and colors in the products, the product display shelves are kept muted in grey against the movable curved clothing rails. One’s eye is immediately drawn to the symmetry of the space and the counter at the end of the courtyard, revealing behind a discreet and curtain-screened changing room nook.