Ezzati Amira

Typology : Fashion showroom

Completed : May 2017

The showroom is Malaysian fashion designer Ezzati Amira’s first showroom for her eponymous label. Situated in a former terrace house on Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, the design of the space is the spatialization of textile making techniques. Borrowing forms of pleating and draping using architectural materials, a series of bespoke objects comprised of stainless steel, stone and wood fill up the main retail space, under a grid of timber rods that are part lighting, part clothing rails.

Two contrasting courtyards create buffers in the space, providing privacy and lushness between the retail and lounge space. A bedroom is converted into a sleek changing room; with a custom three-sided mirror and a bespoke bench. The former dining area is converted into a private lounge, featuring a custom rug with an illustration of a nude body figure by the fashion designer herself. These elements both celebrate the masculinity and femininity of not just Ezzati’s works but her personality as an individual.