Midorie x The Owls

Project Type : Restaurant, Cafe & Retail

Completed : December 2018

Located inside a mall, the restaurant & café is a collaboration between The Owls, a popular waffle parlour with Midorie, an indoor planting concept from Japan. The brief called for a space that showcases its innovative indoor planting system that also negotiates a café bar and dining area for the parlour. Envisioned as a indoor green house, a delicate steel frame supports three semi-circle neon orange planter boxes that would house indoor plants. Suspended through the frames are rows of red linear strips serving as track lighting for the dining and indoor plants below. Terracotta floor tiles accentuate the white rectangular tiles that clad both the back bar and curved bar counter. Modular steel frames with small planter boxes are placed throughout the space – showcasing the potential of the planting system in homes and compact spaces.