52 Barbers

Typology : Barber

Completed : January 2017

Tucked under a tea house, the 250 sqft space is both a barber and performance space, manned by the client who is one part barber, and the other singer. The space is not only designed to maximize exposure to its high footfall surroundings but also to create an intimate space for the client to service his patrons. Large folding glass doors allow the space to be opened up into the public for impromptu performances while a second-hand barn door provide private entry for the client’s patrons.

The client’s penchant for denim and patterns are translated into subtle geometrical drawings on the glass elevations and also brickwall. Hints of printing elements are peppered throughout the space, such as lighting made from paper cardboard tubes and also the underside of an existing conveyor belt machine.

Photo Credit : www.davidyeow.com