Typology : Restaurant

Completed : December 2016

The Proof is in the dough.

Proof is a pizza and wine joint designed to showcase an extensive collection of wine and two imported firewood ovens, both key elements to the restaurant’s dining experience. Existing conveyor belt machines in the former bindery space are deconstructed and their frames repurposed into 20-ft tall wine racks with built-in ladders. Taking cue from the animated nature of Italian dining, various forms of seating and dining are created throughout the space.

A mezzanine level cladded with black steel sheets that are folded to create balustrades and also to hold a long side table made from metal sheets harvested from the deconstructed conveyor belts. Tucked behind it are two large communal tables with banquet seating to cater for larger groups. Photographer Nadirah Zakariya adorns two adjacent walls with her modern day Renaissance inspired photographic lightboxes specially commissioned for the space. The branding for the space was conceived hand in hand with graphic designer Ejin Sha, blending elements of copper, black and simple geometry.

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