Typology : Restaurant + Bar

Completed : November 2016

Kaiju is a Japanese-Thai restaurant situated at APW Bangsar, helmed by a chef-owner who has a penchant for manga and collectibles. With branding done by wearenotlie, the restaurant encapsulates the spirit of its name Kaiju ie ‘monster’ – merging the vibrancy of Thai culture with Japanese minimalism. A mezzanine level built upon an existing conveyor belt structure, creates part storage, part display front for the chef-owner to showcase his larger collectibles.

Access to the mezzanine is through a climbable timber rod ladder disguised amongst a series of wall shelves. A 30-metre long paper origami dragon spirals through the double-layered chain-link fence screen from the mezzanine into the dining space. A communal custom black steel table with glass top mirrors the dragon alongside neon orange sa-ke crate seats and chef-facing side tables.

Photo Credit : www.davidyeow.com