Pocket Park

Typology : Pocket park

Completed : June 2016

The pocket park is an effort of Art Printing Works (APW), a former printing factory to green up its perimeter. Beyond a park, there is an opportunity for a public space/platform that not only negotiates its sloping terrain but creates various levels of interaction. A terraced red stage is inserted into the terrain, creating a point of interest in the compound.

Bolt, an interactive light sculpture by Jun Ong, upon completing its stint at iLight Marina Bay in Singapore, is installed as a permanent sculpture on the stage. The stage is envisioned to host various large scale pavilions/installations in the future. Tall slender trees and lush plants adorn the gravelstone-filled terrain, creating a usable yet lush urban park space that can cater for the various functions at APW.

Photo Credit : www.davidyeow.com