Hoppers + Colony

Typology : Restaurant

Completed : July 2016

Hoppers is a restaurant helmed by three young sisters, serving contemporary appam (fermented batter, usually made of rice flour and coconut milk with spices). The site was a former two-and-a-half storey lawyer’s office in a downtown KL shoplot. A skylight was created to introduce daylight across both floors, revealing traces of the 1970s shoplot’s past.

Local materials like rattan and hardwood are paired with vibrant colours and Sri Lankan-sourced accessories to create a vernacular yet colonial space. The upstairs level (now known as Colony) was also envisioned to be a flexible event space. A movable bar counter cladded with rattan weaving can be rolled against its foldable shelving, making space for various kinds of events. Rich interior landscaping also introduces lushness against makeshift tables and plinths made from old law books.