Ini Mini Main Mou

Project Type : Installation

Completed : October 2019

In conjunction with KUL Design Month 2019, this joint initiative between Dewan Bandar Kuala Lumpur, Citi Foundation and Think City is to improve the laneways of downtown KL by beautifying, activating and making them safe. The selected laneway connects two busy streets with a square in the middle under a bridge. The design approach takes cue from the post-world war playgrounds by Dutch architect, Aldo van Eyck. His minimalistic and loosely defined playground structures allow children to explore numerous ways to play with the structures. Consisting of three separate structures in vibrant hues of pink and blue, Ini Mini Main Mou also acts a performative experience. The journey into the laneway begins at the gateway, climaxes in the central square with a series of modular stages where events can be held and ends via the cascading veil. At night, embedded interactive lighting gives these static structures a more dynamic personality and at the same time keep the laneway well-lit.