Gerai Tai Tai – Venice Biennale

Project Type : Installation

Completed : May 2019

Since winning the Krishen Jit Astro Fund in 2015, Gerai Tai Tai has been performed at numerous art festivals and events in Malaysia. In 2019, the interactive fortune-telling installation was selected to be presented at the Venice Art Biennale in Italy as part of “Personal Structures,” a show curated by the GAA Foundation and the European Cultural Centre (ECC). The installation was made possible through crowd-funding and also the generous support of Lamitak and KH Land.

Taking cues from the original Gerai Tai Tai installation, the newer version takes on a larger, more refined form with Lamitak laminate finishes to mimic a futuristic pixelated exterior and a stark gold interior. The installation was fabricated completely in Malaysia and designed to be flat-packed and re-assembled in Venice. Due to food security, edible items were not allowed as part of the experience as per the original setup but was improvised with spray scents made from local Malaysian ingredients. Each ingredient is also cast in clear resin to re-create the “stained-glass” wall that separates the participant with the fortune teller. Readings are done using dices and a scent carefully selected by the fortune teller for the participant. Each participant is then given a custom lasercut acrylic amulet as a good-luck charm.

To find out more, listen to this BFM podcast or watch this Youtube video.