The Ta-Pow Takeaway


It is now the post-Covid era, the New Normal.

As a studio in lock-down in Malaysia, we did virtual interviews and extracted creative inputs from the public. We looked back into our archives of our older projects to learn about the future. What we discovered was that many of the answers were already present with just tweaks needed to adapt to situations. Similarly, humanity’s greatest asset is the ability to adapt and evolve. In times of adversity, our natural response is to seek solutions to survive.

The Ta-Pow Takeaway  is a manifesto – journal, birthed as a question to challenge society’s norms. These out of the ordinary responses are intended to inspire and push our creative minds further. As such, our hope is that we will continue this strive to survive by constantly creating and innovating.

The answer we seek may already be staring at us in the face.

Read the full document below or download the PDF here.